ItemSave is a new type of virtual inventory. Unlike other methods of expanding storage which use annoying inventory pop-ups and can be difficult to be keep track of, ItemSave can store and retrieve all of your items using only commands!

Basic Info

This plugin is intended to help allow you to sort and clear your inventory. No more massive rooms full of chests of dirt and cobblestone. This plugin can neatly and efficiently store your items. They can easily disappear and reappear in your inventory whenever you need.


  • /store - Store the current item in your hand in your ItemSave
  • /store <amount/all/everything> - Store the specified amount of the item in your hand in your ItemSave. All will store all of the current item in your hand. Everything will store everything in your inventory.
  • /stored - Check how much you have stored in your ItemSave of the current item in your hand
  • /stored <item/itemId> - Check how much you have stored in your ItemSave of the specified item
  • /stored <list> (page) - Shows a list of all items you have stored in your ItemSave
  • /retrieve <item/itemId> (amount) - Retrieves an item from your ItemSave and places it into your inventory


  • - Use the store command
  • itemsave.retrieve - Use the retrieve command
  • itemsave.stored - Use the stored command


This plugin is still in beta and is not recommended for mature servers. Also do not edit items.yml unless you know what you're doing.

Github and Jenkins

  • Github - The source for this plugin
  • Jenkins - Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.


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