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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Item Permissions is a relatively simple yet universal way to configure practically everything your players can and cannot do (related to items) on your server. Try limiting which blocks they can destroy or place, which tools they can use, what entities they can attack, and more!

While this plugin can be used on any server with great results, it was specifically designed for RPG server owners as an easy way to create skill sets, classes, and kits using only a permissions plugin and this.


- A permissions plugin such as PEX


- Turn the server off.
- Place the .jar file in your server plugins folder.
- Restart the server.
- Configure your new permissions by using your desired permissions plugin.

More Detailed Features:

- Permissions based system to control all player actions, including block placement and destruction, in Minecraft.

  • Block Name-Checker tool (Must have "itemp.admin" permission)
    • Right-click with Golden Axe and the plugin will tell you the block's Bukkit name, item id, and metadata for use in permissions.
  • Block Placement by
    • Block Bukkit name
    • Block MC id #
  • Block Breaking by
    • Block Bukkit name
    • Block MC id #
  • Attacking entities
    • Prevent players from attacking certain entities based on Bukkit entity name
  • Bed usage
    • Permission for entering beds
  • Tools Usage
    • Permission for each tool including
      • Hoe right/left click
      • Bow right click
  • Armor Usage
    • Per armor section permissions based on Bukkit item names
  • More to come soon...


  • Admin (Exempt from all permissions and access to name-checker tool)
    • - itemp.admin
  • Block Placement
    • -[block-name]
    • -[block-name : block-metadata]
    • -[block-id#]
    • -[block-id# : block-metadata]
  • Block Breaking
    • - itemp.break.[block-name]
    • - itemp.break.[block-name : block-metadata]
    • - itemp.break.[block-id#]
    • - itemp.break.[block-id# : block-metadata]
  • Player Attacking Entity
    • - itemp.attack.[entity-name] ( If entity is a mob)
    • - itemp.attack.player ( If entity is another player)
  • Bed Control
    • - itemp.use.BED
  • Tool Use (Hoes, Bows, Swords, etc.)
    • - itemp.use.[tool-name]
    • - itemp.use.[tool-id#]
  • Armor Usage:
    • - itemp.armor.[armor piece-name]
    • - itemp.armor.[armor piece-id#]

Note: All item id's can be found here


- Allow owners to configure messages from a config file. (Working on this...)


Version 1.0
- First Release! (Ready for suggestions to roll in :D )


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