spells/Major AOE Heal

# The projectile type can be Snowball, SmallFireball, Fireball, Arrow or an Egg.
projectile-type: Snowball

# The speed of the projectile.
projectile-velocity: 3

# The projectile hit effect can be Ender_Signal, Mobspawner_Flames, Potion_Break or Smoke.
projectile-hit-effect: Ender_Signal

# How often the spell can be activated in seconds.
cooldown: 16

  # The health given to the target when the projectile hits the target.
  direct-heal-amount: 14

  # Additional health given to players around the target.
  aoe-heal-amount: 14

  # Additional health will be given to players within the range of the target.
  aoe-heal-range: 3

  # The damage dealt when the projectile hits the target.
  direct-damage-amount: 0

  # Additional damage dealt to enemies around the target.
  aoe-damage-amount: 0

  # Additional damage will be dealt to enemies within the range of the target.
  aoe-damage-range: 0

# Commands below will be executed one after the other.
# List all commands like so without the /;
# - say Executing command1
# - say Executing command2
# - speed 3
# - heal Supavitax