FileVersion: 591
  PermissionDeniedError: '&cYou do not have permission to perform that command.'
  IngameOnlyError: You can only run that command in-game!
  DoesntExistError: '&4{value1} &cdoesn''t exist!'
  PlayerNotOnlineError: '&4{value1} &cis not online!'
  NotEnoughSpaceError: '&4{value1} &cdoes not have enough space in their inventory.'
  IncludeItemNameError: '&cYou need to include an item name!. For example, /ils name
    &4Hand of God'
  EnterPlayerNameError: '&cYou need to enter a players name!'
  ItemAlreadyExistsError: '&cThat item already exists. Please choose a different name
    for the item.'
  NullItemInHandError: '&cYou need to be holding an item to use that command.'
  NoLoreError: '&cThat item doesn''t contain any lore.'
  EnterTypeError: '&cYou need to enter a type &4Armour&c, &4Hand &cor &4All.'
  ShiftClickDisabled: '&cShift-clicking armour is currently disabled.'
  InventoryFull: '&4Dropping the item as your inventory is full.'
  AddedToConfig: '&2{value1} &ahas been added to the config.'
  HoldCustomItem: '&cYou need to hold the item you want to add to the config.'
  CustomEquipmentType: '&cYou need to enter the equipment type of the item. Either
    &4tool &cor &4armour&c.'
  CustomItemType: '&cYou need to enter the type of item. E.g &4Diamond Sword &cor
    &4Gold Chestplate&c.'
  CustomArmourType: '&cYou need to enter the type of Armour as shown; &4helmet&c,
    &4chest&c, &4legs&c, &4boots&c.'
  NotRequiredClass: '&cYou are not the required class to equip that item.'
  NotRequiredClassForItemInHand: '&cYou are not the required class to hold that item.'
  InventoryFullOnPickup: '&4Your inventory is full and you''re not the required class
    to hold that item.'
  LevelTooLow: '&cYou are not the required level to equip that item.'
  LevelTooLowForItemInHand: '&cYou are not the required level to hold that item.'
  InventoryFullOnPickup: '&4Your inventory is full and you''re not the required level
    to hold that item.'
  BoundToSomeoneElse: '&cThis item is bound to someone else and you''re unable to
    equip it.'
  BoundToSomeoneElseForItemInHand: '&cThis item is bound to someone else and you''re
    unable to hold it.'
  InventoryFullOnPickup: '&4Your inventory is full and that item is bound to someone
  DamageDone: '      &dYou hit &r{defender} &dfor &6{value2} &ddamage.'
  DamageDoneWithoutVowel: '      &dYou hit a &r{value1} &dfor &6{value2} &ddamage.'
  DamageDoneWithVowel: '      &dYou hit an &r{value1} &dfor &6{value2} &ddamage.'
  DamageTaken: '      &r{attacker} &dhit you for &6{value2} &ddamage.'
  CriticalStrikeSuccess: '&aCritical Strike!'
  EnemyCriticalStrikeSuccess: '&4{attacker} &ccrit you!'
  DodgeSuccess: '&aDodge!'
  EnemyDodgeSuccess: '&4{defender} &cdodged your attack!'
  BlockSuccess: '&aBlocked!'
  EnemyBlockSuccess: '&4{defender} &cblocked your attack!'
  LifeStealSuccess: '&2{value1} &ahealth stolen from &2{defender}&a!'
  EnemyLifeStealSuccess: '&4{attacker} &cstole &4{value1} &cof your health!'
  ReflectSuccess: '&aReflected!'
  EnemyReflectSuccess: '&4{defender} &creflected your attack!'
  FireSuccess: '&2{defender} &aset alight!'
  EnemyFireSuccess: '&4{attacker} &cset you on fire!'
  IceSuccess: '&2{defender} &aslowed!'
  EnemyIceSuccess: '&4{attacker} &cslowed you!'
  PoisonSuccess: '&2{defender} &apoisoned!'
  EnemyPoisonSuccess: '&4{attacker} &cpoisoned you!'
  WitherSuccess: '&2{defender} &awithered!'
  EnemyWitherSuccess: '&4{attacker} &cwithered you!'
  HarmSuccess: '&2{defender} &aharmed!'
  EnemyHarmSuccess: '&4{attacker} &charmed you!'
  BlindSuccess: '&2{defender} &ablinded!'
  EnemyBlindSuccess: '&4{attacker} &cblinded you!'
    ItemInHand: '&eRight-click to cast'
    CooldownRemaining: '&6{value1} &dseconds remaining.'
    Heal: '&2{attacker} &ahealed you for &2{value1} &aHealth.'
  RepairSuccessfulMaterial: '&aSuccessfully repaired &2{value1}&c.'
  RepairSuccessfulCurrency: '&aSuccessfully repaired &2{value1} &afor &2{value2} Dollars&a.'
  DoesntNeedRepair: '&4{value1} &cdoesn''t need repairing.'
  NotEnoughMoney: '&cYou need &4{value2} Dollars &cto repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughLeather: '&cNot enough Leather to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughWood: '&cNot enough Wooden Planks to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughCobblestone: '&cNot enough Cobblestone to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughIron: '&cNot enough Iron Ingots to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughGold: '&cNot enough Gold Ingots to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughDiamond: '&cNot enough Diamonds to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughSticks: '&cNot enough Sticks to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughFlint: '&cNot enough Flint to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughString: '&cNot enough String to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughFishingRod: '&cYou need a Fishing Rod to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  NotEnoughCarrots: '&cYou need a Carrot to repair &4{value1}&c.'
  UpgradeSuccessful: '&2{value1} &ahas been upgraded.'
  UpgradeCapReached: '&2{value1} &ahas reached the cap and can no longer be upgraded.'
  SellSuccessful: '&aYou sold &2{value1} &afor &2{value2} Dollars&a.'
  UnableToSell: '&cYou are unable to sell &2{value1}&c.'
  NoItemInHand: '&cYour hand is empty.'
    Sword: Sword
    Pickaxe: Pickaxe
    Axe: Axe
    Spade: Spade
    Hoe: Hoe
    Bow: Bow
    Stick: Stick
    Blaze_Rod: Blaze Rod
    String: String
    Skull_Helmet: Helmet
    Helmet: Helmet
    Chestplate: Chestplate
    Leggings: Leggings
    Boots: Boots
  Looted: '&bYou looted &6{value1}&b!'