Item Lore Stats v3.72


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    Apr 5, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


13 Minor bug fixes.

Slight improvement on one of the durability checks.

Code cleanup.

Stats will always be correctly formatted as X.X.

Level/Class/Soulbound restriction messages added when player changes item in hand.

BarAPI will update correctly with environmental damage events.

BarAPI will be correctly disabled for the worlds listed in disabledInWorlds.

BarAPI and health are now updated correctly when right clicking armour.

Damage event has been greatly optimised over previous versions.

Slightly improved WorldGuard checks.

Random stats will be added to items more often.

Players are no longer healed back to full health when they log out and then back in.

Default value for fall damage tweaked for new configs (from 15 to 12).

New change (damage reduction) Armour types no longer have a base damage reduction. This means that all armour types will not reduce any incoming damage (e.g. diamond is no longer better than leather when they both hold no stats).

New change (exact damage) The damage displayed on the weapon is the amount you will actually hit a player for (if they don't have any mitigation stats). The damage will no longer be reduced by the type of armour they're wearing.

New change (toggle-able crafted/drop durability) Adding durability to crafted or dropped items can now be individually enabled/disabled.

New feature (Stats affect mobs) Most stats will now improve a mobs attributes as well. So any plugin that allows you to equip mobs with items that can contain lore will make the mobs much more challenging, random and enjoyable. The stats that mobs are improved by currently include Armour, Dodge, Block, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Damage, Life Steal, Reflect, Fire, Ice, Poison, Wither, Harming and Blind. Video here showing this feature.

New feature (keepXPOnDeath) Setting this to true will allow players to keep their level and XP when they die.

New feature (upgradeable items) As the player levels up their items will also upgrade(amount each stat upgrades by is configurable) with them until they reach the configurable cap. It only requires that the item has the "Level" lore attached to it. Once the amount of upgrades reach the cap it won't upgrade any further. When a player levels up the items that they have equipped will be the items that upgrade. Video here showing this feature or here.

New config (Healing potions scale) The values for Instant Health I/II and Splash Health I/II can be set in the config. The values are a percentage of the players health.

New config (ILSLootFromNaturalSpawnsOnly) Setting this to true will only allow Item Lore Stats loot to drop from mobs spawned naturally into the world (mobs spawned through mob spawners, eggs, commands etc will not drop Item Lore Stats loot).

New config (disableVanillaDamageReduction) Setting this to true will put all armour types damage reduction to 0 allowing ILS to have full control on how powerful an item is.