Item Lore Stats v2.84


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    Mar 2, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2
  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


1 Major bug fix for owners on a none EN locale

5 Minor bug fixes.

Update checks are now more often.

As Item Lore Stats checks for updates the seperate notification to remove the /SavedMobs/ files has been removed.

A melee attack whilst holding a bow will no longer deal the amount of damage displayed on the bow; it will now deal 1 damage.

Rewrote the import/export feature so it's much more accurate and efficient, also future proofed for any new stats/enchants (Unfortunately all of the items saved with the old system will no longer import correctly (If you have items you want to save I recommend importing the items to your inventory then update the plugin and re-export them with the new system)). This change will now import/export all lore on the tooltip, this includes any lore that is added by other plugins.

"Sticks" and "Flint and Steel" have been added to the tool list for available stats (If you give stats a durability that is generated from a range it will cause any sticks with different durability to become unstackable).

New change The Item Lore Stats Health stat can now be used alongside the Heroes plugin without any conflicts to the players health. If there are any bugs with this please open a ticket.

New change When switching items you're no longer healed to full health.

New config (randomApplyChance) This is the percentage chance that a stat will be applied when using STATRandomApply in the Mob configs that can now be customised.

New config (baseCritDamage) This is the default percentage of crit damage every player will have without any gear equipped (If a weapon crit with 100 damage, the damage dealt would be 150).

New stat (Crit Damage) You can now add the Crit Damage stat to items. When you land a critical strike the damage dealt is (WeaponDamage + (baseCritDamage + CritDamage Stat) If you had a weapon with 100 damage and 25% crit damage and you successfully landed a critical strike you would hit for 175 damage)). The value shown is the additional crit damage to the base value of 150% (150% by default but can be changed in the config).

New stat (XP Bonus) You can now add the XP Bonus stat to items. The value shown on the tooltip is the amount of bonus XP you will receive. If the XP bonus is 200% and you kill a mob for 5 xp then you will receive 15 xp.

New stat (Reflect) You can now add the Reflect stat to items. The chance of reflecting an attack is the percentage displayed on the tooltip. If a player successfully reflects an attack it will reflect all of that damage back to the attacker.

New feature (prefix/suffix based on highest stat)Setting the prefix and/or suffix in the mob configs to "stat" will now randomly set the prefix and/or suffix to the highest stat generated on that item(except damage and health) from a specific list of prefixes/suffixes from a list specifically for that stat.

New feature (class items) Items can now be locked to Classes based on their permissions. If an item has the lore "Class: Warrior" then that item will only be useable by players who have the "ils.use.Warrior" permission (ops will need these permissions negated to restrict them).

Delete your language.yml and all of the mob files in /SavedMobs/ if updating from v2.18 or below, otherwise this WILL cause errors. Though it isn't always required I do recommend deleting your config.yml