Item Lore Stats v1.591


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    Jan 7, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2


Updated to 1.7.2. This version is for 1.7.2 only

3 Major bug fixes.

9 Minor bug fixes.

The permission node ils.disabled.<world> has been removed and replaced with a list of the worlds the plugin is disabled on in the config. This prevents Ops from thinking the plugin is broke and requires less effort from the admin to add all the permission nodes.

Greatly improved checking methods and is now much more accurate in detecting stats and updating them appropriately.

Greatly improved player detection when an entity is killed by a player for loot drops.

Greatly improved death notifications when players are killed.

New feature (health and damage of npcs can be multiplied by the distance from a specified location) This allows the health and damage of mobs to increase the further they are from the specified point. The modifiers use the following calculation to calculate the health/damage. For the mobs health it is (distance x healthMultiplier) + default health = new health. For damage it is distance x damageMultiplier = new health. If players kite the mob closer to the specified point the mobs will NOT get weaker.

New command (/ils setMultiplier) This will set the point in which distance will be calculated from.

New command (/ils) This will now show a list of available commands in-game.

New command (/ils version) This will show the current version of Item Lore Stats that's running.

New stat (Weapon speed) With the default value as "Weapon Speed" within the config the command to add this stat would be /ils lore <line#> Weapon Speed: <speed>. There are only 2 values to this besides normal. You can set the speed to Fast, Slow or Normal.

New config (set projectile speed) The projectile speed for each spell can be modified in the config.yml.

Delete your language.yml and all of the mob files in /SavedMobs/ if updating from v1.446 otherwise this WILL cause errors.