Item Lore Stats v1.446


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    Dec 29, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0
  • CB 1.6.4-R1.0


2 Minor bug fixes.

New stat (Soulbound). Items can now be bound to players. With the default value as "Bound to" within the config the command to add this stat would be /ils lore <line_number> Bound to Supavitax. This stat can be imported/exported but it will bind the item imported to the new player it has been given to.

New feature (Damage range) The Damage stat can now be set as a range (Damage: +150-250).

New feature (language file (Includes most messages)) This allows messages to be changed.

New feature (Import items with a different name) This allows items to be imported with a different name to the one stored within the config. Seperate names with a comma in the command (/ils give Supavitax <old_item_name>, <new_item_name>).

New feature (Loot tables) Totally rewrote entity drops to allow loot tables(new configs for each mob in ItemLoreStats\SavedMobs\) and should be lighter on cpu/ram on any lookups.

New feature (Loot tables for custom mobs) If the mob has a custom name this will allow completely different drops from the default mob config.

New feature (Custom death messages (Inside language file)) This allows custom messages to be returned when a player dies.

New feature (Spells with right-click) Spell name in config under statNames which also includes internal cooldown for each spell. You add it to an item with the prefix you set inside the language.yml (By default it would be /ils lore 1 Right-click to cast Lightning).

New feature (Durability system) This allows more control over the durability loss, no longer based on the amount of damage taken, instead the amount of hits taken.
Lighter exporting code to reduce cpu/ram usage.

Enchants are now imported/exported with the item.

Unbreaking enchant effect has been rewrote and acts differently on armour/sword/axe and this system is only in affect when in combat (Unbreaking 1 = unbreakingOne value in config is % chance to bypass durability loss, Unbreaking 2 = unbreakingTwo value in config is % chance to bypass durability loss, Unbreaking 3 = unbreakingThree value in config is % chance to bypass durability loss).

No longer required to enter the tooltipFormatting colour code when using the /ils lore command, though you can still include a colour code if you wish for a specific line to be different colour such as a line for lore.

Default value for baseHealth changed from 100 to 20.

Default value for npcDamageMultiplier changed from 20 to 4, to reflect the change made to the default value on baseHealth.

Delete your old config before updating otherwise this WILL cause errors