Item Lore Stats v7.36


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    Dec 19, 2016
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  • 1.10


Fixed a bug causing health the be incorrectly calculated for mobs spawned in regions using ILS levelling system for mobs.

Fixed a bug with the durability calculation on items.

Fixed a bug with Health potions not calculating correct amount to heal.

Fixed a bug preventing off hand from receiving item upgrades.

Fixed a bug preventing Splash Potions from healing the correct amount.

Fixed a major bug causing item duplication if main hand was empty whilst holding and item in off hand.

Fixed a major bug causing SetMultiplier to drastically increase difficulty in specific directions.

The SetMultiplier feature has been completely redesigned and will now assign a level for every mob based on the new blocksPerLevel value in the config. The Health, Damage and EXP modifiers now go off the mobs level allowing a more gradual difficulty increase the further you go.

If the SetMultiplier has been enabled for that world then the mobs level will be displayed in the chat log.

If the SetMultiplier has been set then the XP level on item drops will be based on the mobs level rather than the players level to prevent low level mob farming for high level items.

Instant and Splash Health potions have had their default values reduced from 15% to 10% and 35% to 20%

potions.instantHealthI, potions.instantHealthII etc has changed to potions.heal.instantHealthI, potions.heal.instantHealthII and so on.

Harming potions have been added so the damage can now be customised. The instant potions are a % based on the holders max health. The splash potions are a % based on the entity it hits max health. Values can be altered under potions.damage.instantHarmingI, potions.damage.instantHarmingII.

Lingering of Harming potions have been added. Their damage value is a % based on the entity that stands in the clouds max health. The value can be changed in the config at potions.damage.lingerHarmingI, potions.damage.lingerHarmingII. Default values are 5% and 10%

Adjusted base damage values for items.