Basic Usage

Basic Usage

  1. Start a session.
    While you're in a session, the mob spawner won't spawn anything until you end or cancel your session.
    You can start a session by:
    • typing /isp start and left- or right-clicking the mob spawner. I strongly recommend right-click if you're in creative mode.
    • typing /isp start (world name) (x coordinate) (y coordinate) (z coordinate). This one can also be used from the console.
  2. Edit your data.
    (I'm showing the direct version here, scroll down for importing/exporting.)
    The whole mob spawner has been exported to NBT data and can now be modified to match your requirements.
    Check this reference to see what tags a mob spawner has.
    The basic editing command is:
    /isp set (path) (type) [value]
    If you're completely new to NBT, check this page.
    You can create a compound like this:
    /isp set spawnData compound
    Then you can add a tag to it:
    /isp set spawnData.CustomName string Hurley
    Note: If you have a list
    /isp set spawnData.example list
    and you set a value higher than the next index
    /isp set spawnData.example int 108
    then all indexes between the last one and your will be created and have the same type and value.
    You can remove a tag like this:
    /isp set spawnData.example -
  3. End you session. You can either
    • cancel it (/isp cancel). Changes will be discarded.
    • end it (/isp end). Changes will be applied and the session ends. If an error occurs, you will be told and the session continues.

Types & Values

TypePossible values
booltrue or false
byteAn integer from -128 to 127
shortAn integer from -32'768 to 32'767
intAn integer from -2'147'483'648 to 2'147'483'647
longAn integer from -9'223'372'036'854'775'808 to 9'223'372'036'854'775'807
floatA decimal
doubleA decimal with higher precision
listno value
compoundno value
- (it's a minus)no value, deletes the tag


You can import and export NBT data to and from the folder plugins/iSpawner/data/.
If you use the export command and use "jacob" as name, the file will be called plugins/iSpawner/data/jacob.txt.
If you start your server with iSpawner installed, an example file called "example.txt" will be created.
You should have a look at it if you consider using templates.

Tip: As an admin, you can give your mods the permissions ispawner.use, ispawner.import and ispawner.import.some_template to allow them to only use predefined templates and disallow them to modify a spawner directly via commands.