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Some upcoming placeholders
Note: The non-bold placeholders are done for the next release.


Player variables

{location} - get the location in terms of world,x,y,z

{uuid} - get player UUID

{inventory} - get items in player's inventory, enderchest, and armour slots

{setinventory} - set player inventory

{setlocation} - set player location
{setyaw} - set player yaw
{setpitch} - set player pitch
{setflying} - set player fly mode
{setflyspeed} - set player fly speed
{setwalkspeed} - set player walk speed
{setbed} - set player bed location
{setcompass} - set player compass location
{setname} - set player display name
{settabname} - set player name on tab list
{setexhaustion} - set player exhaustion
{setexp} - set player exp
{setlvl} - set player exp lvl
{sethunger} - set player hunger
{setair} - set player air
{setgm} - set player gamemode
{sethealth} - set player health
{setmaxhealth} - set player's max health
{settime} - set time for a player or a map
{setweather} - set weather for a player or a map


{isclick} - get the click type of an interaction (right,left or false)

{line#} - (where # is the line number of the sign) - gets line of sign

{setblock} - set a block at a location
{setline} - set a line of a sign at a location
{dropitem} - drop an item at a location
{setweather} - set weather for a map
{settime} - set time for a map
{spawnmob} - spawn a mob at a location
{unloadworld} - unload a world
{loadworld} - load a world


{u} - used to add unicode characters

{date} - get system date


{gprefix} - get group prefix

{gsuffix} - get group suffix

{setmoney} - set player money
{setgroup} - set player group
{setprefix} - set player prefix
{setsuffix} - set player suffix


{enjintags} - get enjin tags for a user

{enjintag} - get value of an enjin tag for a user


{faction} - get faction name

{factions} - get list of factions

{fpower} - get faction power
{fhome} - get location for faction home
{fmembers} - get list of faction members
{fowner} - get faction leader
{fland} - get amount of claimed faction land


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