User Commands

Words in [] - optional, in <> - required

/island - shows info about plugin

/island create - create new island for player

/island create [schematic] - create new island for player using given schematic file

/island delete - delete whole isle and loose ownership

/island info - shows informations about our island

/island spawn - teleport to spawn

/island home - teleport to your island

/island sethome - change home point for teleport

/island home list - list of stored home points

/island home <name> - teleport to home point

/island sethome <name> - add home point

/island delhome <name> - delete home point

/island fixhome - fix home location (or at least try)

/island expell - teleport out ALL players without perms from your island

/island expell <playerName> - teleport out player from your island

/island visit <playerName> - ask playername to visit his island.

/island accept - accept visit request.

/island deny - deny visit request.

/island calc - calculate island points.

/island rank - show island rank.

/island lock - lock your island (block enterance).

/island unlock - unlock your island.

/island lock [playername] - lock your island for specific player (block enterance).

/island unlock [playername] - unlock player.

/island open [offline] - open your island for visitors (visit request dont need to be accepted)

/island close - close your island (you will need accept visit requests)

/island biomelist - show possible biomes.

/island biomeshow - show biome at your current position.

/island biomeset <biome> - change biome of your island.

/island biomechunkset <biome> - change biome in current chunk.

/island fly - enables or disables flying.

/island welcome <text/clear> - set or reset island welcome message.

Party commands

/island add <PlayerName> - add player to your island

/island remove <PlayerName> - remove player from your island

/island tp <PlayerName> - teleport to player island

/island leave - leave party (island)

Challenge commands

/challenges list - Show challenges

/challenges complete <id> - Complete challenge

Admin Commands

/islandev createspawn - create spawn in Island World

/islandev reload - reloads configuration

/islandev save - Save dat files and world guard regions

/islandev stats - show basic stats like free/taken islands

/islandev info <PlayerName> - show info about player island

/islandev create <schematic> <PlayerName> [pos] - create island for player using given schematic (for pos use eg. 2x2)

/islandev delete <PlayerName> - delete player island

/islandev lock <PlayerName> - add world guard region to player island

/islandev unlock <PlayerName> - remove world guard region from player island

/islandev tp <PlayerName> - teleport to player island

/islandev sethome <playerName> - change home location on player island to current

/island fixhome <playerName> - fix home location on player island (or at least try)

/islandev challenges <playerName> - show player challenges

/islandev add <owner> <player> - add player to owner party

/islandev remove <player> - remove player from party

/islandev purge <days> [count] - Removes [count] islands that have not been visited in <days> days.

/islandev setspawn - change current world spawn to your location

/islandev calc <PlayerName> - calculate points for player island

/islandev rank - reload rank

/islandev biomeshow - show biome at current position

/islandev biomelist - show possible biomes

/islandev biomeset <player> <biome> - change biome on player island

/islandev sendhome <player> - send player to his island

/islandev sendallhome <owner> - send all players from owner island to island

/islandev visitallow <player> <biome> - Allow visits on player island

/islandev visitblock <player> <biome> - Block visits on player island

/islandev rebuildpathway <player> - building pathway on player island

/islandev clearspacing <player> - removing all blocks from spacing between islands

/islandev clearcreatelimit <player> - clear player's create limit

/islandev extend <player> - extend player's island

/islandev changeowner <oldowner> <newowner> - Change ownership on oldowner island to newowner.