IslandWorld to aSkyBlock Converter

This is for converting from IslandWorld to aSkyBlock.

This converter works with IslandWorld's that uses files to store data, not the MySQL database storage.

This converter requires ASkyblock.


Single command conversion Converts island ownership and teams Converts config settings Grabs UUIDs for players from Mojang Supports offline mode servers No changes are made to the IslandWorld files or the IslandWorld world so this is a low-risk conversion. Tip: Copy your server files including the IslandWorld world and do the conversion on that, not on a live server.

What will change:

  • Config files and player files will be written to the ASkyblock folder based on data from IslandWorld.
  • A Nether for your skyblock world will be created automatically by aSkyblock.
  • Your IslandWorld world will not be altered.

What will not be converted:

  • Challenges - they are different and are easy to customize
  • Island level - this will be recalculated according to aSkyblock rules when the player does /is level
  • Schematics


  1. Back up everything - but the converter does not change any IslandWorld files or the world.
  2. Download ASkyblock, put into the plugins folder and run the server so that ASkyblock files and folder are made. Use the latest ASkyBlock version.
  3. Stop the server and remove aSkyblock.jar from the plugins folder.
  4. Place this plugin jar file into plugins folder.
  5. Start the server
  6. In the console, check that blockconvert plugin started (just loaded and recognized)
  7. Type "convert" into the console and see progress.
  8. When it is finished stop the server
  9. Remove blockconvert.jar and IslandWorld.jar from the plugins folder and restore ASkyBlock.jar to the plugins folder.
  10. IMPORTANT: Remove islands.yml from the ASkyBlock folder.
  11. Start the server, ASkyBlock will do a final conversion of the player files and islands.
  12. Stop the server. Check config.yml in ASkyBlock folder to make sure it is what you like. All comments will have been removed, so you can read them here Note: You will have two extra lines in the config, typically something like this:
  xoffset: 50
  zoffset: 50

You MUST keep those in the config.yml from now on always. This is because IslandWorld offsets islands from the grid. When upgrading, don't forget to make sure those lines are there.

  1. Start the server and you should be good to go!

Tidying up

  • You can delete the Askyblock and Askyblock_nether worlds as they will not be used after conversion.


Source is available here.

Server Communication Disclosure

  • This plugin will access Mojang's player to UUID API to grab the UUIDs. It will send all the player ID's that it knows about to Mojang.
  • If you do not want this to happen *do not use this plugin*


Please file a ticket or comment. This plugin is provided AS-IS, but if you find a bug let me know.


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