A helpful tutorial!

We have finally made a YouTube video using iSail, and how to use it. The link is below!

Server, using iSail is @ (not my)


We have created this plugin, since there is currently no well-functioning plugins for ships that is well updated at the moment. This plugin will realize sailing and sea battles.

To do

  • Improve sails manipulations
  • Improve sinking (50% done)
  • Make autorefreshing of ships


  • Realistic movement of ships
  • Realistic turning
  • Ships take damage from accidents
  • Speed, acceleration, and turning depends on its size and sails
  • Realistic takelage of ship
  • Pumps (fast drain of water)
  • Fast quenching of fire
  • Climbing
  • Small protection in shipyards
  • Realistic fire: blocks burns for a longer time, and rain doesn't quench fire. It's made for removing broken masts from the game and for the smooth burning of everything. Otherwise ships may burn quickly
  • Ship may kill players
  • Cannons integration!


Soon will be downloaded archive with plugin and config file. Just unpack it into folder "plugins".




Click this YouTube video


Be prepared, because the creation of a ship needs a lot of time. Ready? Click! (wait until pages and movie will finish)


If you see messages like "no ship detected", know: You have to stay on ship in moment of moving to be part of the crew of the ship! Otherwise the ship won't add you to the crew!

If you fell out off your ship, know: you were not on the ship or you tripped and fell off. You have to sneak to hold on unstable place, like a mast or the edge of the ship.

Redstone don't moves!

All inventory blocks don't moves (you can only use it while ship is staying) ! But you can to use vaults or minecart chests.

If your configuration file doesn't works, just copy default configuration

Sorry for bad English.



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