This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


To Do List

  • Fix the ServerRules.jar to iRules.jar ✓
  • Make it to where Admins/Ops can change the rules (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Disable the /air command ✓ (TESTED FOR A NEW PLUGIN)
  • Adjust the apperance ✓

iRules Info

iRules is a plugin where you can manage your server rules. The reason why I made this plugin is because the rules.txt file in Essentials is messed up, or if you just don't want Essentials, here is the perfect plugin for you! Make sure that you add the Permission Nodes or the plugin will not work for new people that join your server!

History of iRules

Recently, I looked at iRules back made in 2011 (that's when 1.1 came out and 1.2), and no one can download it any more because it is so outdated! That's why I've decided to make a remodel of the plugin.

Permission Nodes

  1. iRules.rulelist - Shows server rules (NOT PERMITTED BY DEFAULT)
  2. iRules.changerules - Changes server rules (NOT PERMITTED BY DEFAULT)


  1. /Rules (Something to display, not really needed... Testing it for a new plugin)
  2. /iRules (Shows server rules that have already been configured.
  3. /ChangeRules (Changes server rules... Do not use this command, this is not tested for a new plugin, it's just a message that does nothing. I am trying to fix it)


Leave your comments on what I should add or not add!


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