Not being happy with the existing radiation plugins, I decided to create my own. This plugin introduces radiation into your bukkit world, with a range of effects. This mod turns specific block types (customizable via config) into irradiated blocks, giving off an amount of radiation to any players nearby. The more irradiated blocks you're near, the more likely you'll take damage - and the more damage you'll take.

The default config causes Redstone, Soulsand, and Glowstone to all give off varying amounts of radiation. Redstone torches in an 'on' state will also give off trace amounts of radiation. The plugin also supports IndustrialCraft2, with the default ID's for Uranium Ore and Nuclear Reactors giving off large amounts of radiation.

Current Version: 0.7

Current Features:

  • Players take radiation damage from exposure to irradiated blocks. Blocks and the rate of irradiation can be controlled via the config file.
  • Players can use a Geiger Counter (default: Blaze Rod, configurable) or the appropriate command to check their nearby radiation level.
  • Grass dies off in highly radiated areas (reverts to dirt). Grass will also no longer spread.
  • Gold Armour acts as a HazMat suit, significantly reducing radiation exposure if a full set is warn.
  • Ability for players with the appropriate permission node to ignore radiation effects
  • Ability for players with the appropriate permission node to reverse radiation effects (i.e. radiation heals them)
  • Leaves decay near radiation (with a config option to enable/disable sapling drops from radiation decay, default disabled)
  • Shelter blocks - blocks that reduce the amount of rad exposure to those nearby, customized via config
  • Option to make a player in water take additional rad exposure
  • Option to make a player in rain take additional rad exposure
  • Radiation levels increase over time. As your radiation levels increase, you will begin to suffer from a number of negative effects.
  • Radiation levels decay VERY slowly over time, as long as the player is not exposed to radiation.
  • Eating a Golden Apple (configurable) will remove 200 points of radiation from the player (dropping them one radiation sickness level).
  • Option in config to allow nearby players to reduce the radiation levels of one another.

Planned Features:

  • Option for some food items to be irradiated, increasing radiation sickness levels when consumed.

Possible Features:

These features are under consideration, but may not make it into the plugin. This will mostly depend on how difficult/possible these are to implement effectively.

  • Random/Op-created radiation "hot-spots" that cause radiation damage to those nearby.
  • Ambient radiation - irradiated blocks touching air will leak rads into the atmosphere over time, slowly increasing the level of background radiation all players are exposed to. Shelter blocks touching air will absorb a small amount of rads from the atmosphere over time.


  • /irradiated : Displays confirmation that the plugin is loaded
  • /geiger : Take a geiger reading of the surrounding area, useful if you don't have the geiger counter item


Please see the default configuration page.


  • irradiated.* : Grants access to all irradiated permission nodes
  • irradiated.user : Grants access to all user-level permissions (currently only irradiated.geiger)
  • irradiated.geiger : Allows the player to use the /geiger command or the geiger item defined in the config
  • irradiated.ghoul : The player will be healed by radiation rather than harmed by it
  • irradiated.hazmat : The player will not be harmed by radiation


Are you using Irradiated on your server? Send me a PM with the details and I'll list it here.


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