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(Added on Oct 18, 2012) Hey future visitors to this page. In case you didn't notice, I haven't done anything with this project in months! Why's that, you ask? Well, at the time I was working on this, the Bukkit API did not allow for an easy way to do what I wanted to do with Iron Guard. Many dirty hacks were used to get this working. I did add and fix a lot of stuff, but I didn't upload it here because the plugin had some crazy weird and dangerous bugs. After many frustrating hours debugging in vain, I decided to stop working on this project until the official Minecraft API was released.

I should have made this announcement earlier, and I'm sorry for the months of silence. I didn't forget about this project, I just ignored it. When the Minecraft API is released, I will develop this project for that and release it. If the Minecraft API is released, and I don't want to work on this project, I will release the most recent version of my source code so that someone can use it if they need.

If you have questions, post here or PM me.

Iron Guard - Take control of Iron Golems!

With Iron Guard, Iron Golems are now under your command!


To create an Iron Guard:

  • Find an Iron Golem (it can be natural or player created) and right click it. This will change it into an Iron Guard.
  • After that, you must give that Iron Guard a name. You can do that by using the command /ig name [the guards name].
  • You will now have a guard that you can interact with!

Current Features

  • Create an Iron Golem and right click it to turn it into an Iron Guard!
  • Give it a name!
  • Your guard will follow you around unless you tell it to stay!
  • Have your guard attack players at your command

I may forget to update this page after I upload a new build so if you download this plugin, be sure to check the file's description for the most accurate list of features


Visit the Commands Page for a list of commands, how to use them, and their description.

Planned Features

With Iron Guard players can:
  • Protect their base from unwanted intruders with whitelisting and blacklisting
  • Give their Iron Guard protection priorities like who's protection/death should be your Golem's top priority
  • Give their Iron Guard an area to wander and protect
  • Despawn their Iron Guard to regain its iron
  • Request protection from someone else's Iron Guard
  • Expect more features to come!
With Iron Guard admins can:
  • Limit the size that players can set for their Iron Guards to wander
  • Set how agressive an Iron Guard is (player has to be within x amount of blocks to attack)
  • Limit the number of Iron Guards a player can have
  • Set a price for an Iron Guard

This project is still in its early stages. So, if you have an idea for a feature that you would like to see in this plugin, let me know what is and I'll do my best to include it!


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