The plugin currently saves a players inventory and their XP when they die because of another player. This allows servers to have the option of safe PvP, and it also uses permissions so that it can be enabled/disabled per world. Recently, support for MyPet and economy has become official! Look for it in 1.3 and up! :)

Why choose iRestore over /gamerule keepInventory?

I originally developed this plugin with the idea that it would prevent players items being dropped only when they were killed during combat with another live player. However, over the course of the development cycle, people have requested that different events be added, such as cactus, fire, lava, falling damage, etc. Vanilla Minecraft's default keepInventory gamerule only allows you to specify whether or not you want a player to keep ALL of their inventory from ANY kind of death. This plugin gives power to the server owner, allowing them to decide what certain events will trigger iRestore. It also hooks into plugins such as MyPet and Vault.


Current Features

  • Save a player's XP and inventory.
  • Inform the server that a player's inventory was saved and that they were killed by another player.
  • You can make it so that the player only saves their XP, their inventory, or both!
  • Remove a configurable amount of a player's XP on player death
  • MyPet support!
  • Economy support! Steal money from other players!
  • Support for other events! (List of all events available on the wiki.)
  • Support for a whitelist and blacklist! Decide exactly what you want your players to keep!

Plugins Supported

The Future

  • mcMMO support, such as bleeding and other skills that affect how you die that my mod doesn't track.
  • Ignore feature.
  • Remove a % of durability from armor when a player dies, and iRestore is activated from that death.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Ninjesus for creating the iRestore logo!



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