IronChat v2

IronChat is a plugin that prevents people from using full caps in the chat. Not only that but it prevents people from typing an IP Address to steal your player count. If you also have issues with cursing on your server it also prevents cursing. IronChat is the ultimate solution to chat filtering!

  • Prevents IP Advertising
  • Blocks cursing
  • Stops Full Caps-lock in Chat
  • Blocks website urls
  • Customization for warning commands
  • Customize the prefix for warnings
  • /ic log - Toggles logging of chat abuse.
  • /ic warn - Toggles the warnings send to staff.
  • /ic [Player Name] - Views the current warning level of a player.
  • ic.admin - Get access to all IronChat commands
  • ic.moderator -Those with this permission will be warned of who abused the chat. (Unless it's disabled)
  • ic.bypass - Bypass the IronChat filter
  • Max Warning Level - What the player's warning level must be before the plugin kicks them off the server
  • Log Warnings: true/false - Should IronChat write in the log when someone abuses the chat
  • Warn Staff: true/false - Should IronChat warn the staff with the correct permission once someone abuses the chat.
  • Blacklist - Control what words cannot be said in the chat.
  • Copy IronChat.jar into your plugins folder
  • Restart your server to generate the config file.
  • Change the config as needed. (If you make any changes restart your server once more)
  • Copy IronChat.jar into your plugins folder
  • Delete the config file associated with IronChat (Check changelog to see if needed)
  • Restart your server!.
  • Enjoy!
  • Make a suggestion here!
Other Information: This plugin was made for the server ProjectTowns.
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