MinecraftBot is 1.5 Compatible

The latest version of MinecraftBot should work with 1.5 with no changes. If however you find a bug, please file a ticket.

MinecraftBot is a plugin that joins an IRC channel as a bot. The bot displays messages coming from Minecraft and sends messages to Minecraft that come from IRC.

The goal of this plugin is to be simple to set up and use. It doesn't have any extra features other than passing messages back and forth. If you are looking for something that does more than just relay messages, you may want to look at MonsterIRC or CraftIRC.


The following events can be relayed by this plugin:

  • MC/IRC chat and actions (/me)
  • MC/IRC joins and leaves (including IRC part and quit, with quit reasons)
  • MC/IRC kick, including kick reasons
  • MC deaths
  • MC server broadcast messages
  • IRC nick changes
  • IRC mode changes
  • IRC topic changes

Individual events can be disabled in the configuration by simply deleting the appropriate formatting line.


Simply drop the JAR file into the plugins folder. The plugin will generate a blank configuration file with instructions and then disable itself.

Click here to view the default configuration file.


  • 'minecraftbot.op' - Equivalent to being a channel op. Allows use of the /irc command.
  • 'minecraftbot.manage' - Allows use of the /minecraftbot command to manage the bot. Also allows use of /irc.
  • 'minecraftbot.*' - Same as 'minecraftbot.manage'.

Permissions are not required to use this plugin. A Minecraft server op has access to all of these commands.


This plugin contains PluginMetrics, which collects and anonymously sends data about how this plugin is being used. It creates a folder named PluginMetrics with a file inside named config.yml. That file gives you the option to opt-out of metrics tracking. This will also opt you out of metrics tracking for other plugins that use PluginMetrics.

More detailed data can be seen at: http://mcstats.org/plugin/MinecraftBot



  • !players - Lists the people connected to the server.
  • !time - Shows the time of each regular world (if your server has multiple worlds)

In Minecraft:

  • /names and /n - Lists the people that are in the same channel as the bot.

Admin commands:

  • /irc - Causes the bot to do something. Some of these commands require the bot to be a channel op.
    • /irc say (message) - Causes the bot to say something on IRC
    • /irc do (action) - Causes the bot to do something (using /me) on IRC
    • /irc op/deop (nick) - Gives or takes the given nick's op status on the channel
    • /irc voice/devoice (nick) - Gives or takes the given nick's voice status on the channel
    • /irc kick (nick) [reason] - Kicks a nick from IRC. A kick reason may also be entered.
    • /irc ban (nick) - Bans a nick on the IRC channel. Does not kick the nick.
    • /irc unban (hostmask) - Removes the hostmask from the channel's ban list.
    • /irc ignore (nick) - Ignores a nick on IRC
    • /irc unignore (nick) - Stops ignoring a nick on IRC
  • /minecraftbot - Manages the bot itself
    • /minecraftbot connect - Connects to the IRC server
    • /minecraftbot disconnect [message] - Disconnects from the IRC server. A quit message may be used.
    • /minecraftbot join - Joins the channel defined in the configuration file.
    • /minecraftbot part - Parts the channel defined in the configuration file.
    • /minecraftbot reload - Reloads all settings except connection settings from the configuration file


Please send me any screenshots that demonstrate this plugin in a PM.


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