IP Security

IP Security is a very simple, self-explanatory plugin that can save your server from being exploited if your trusted player's accounts become compromised.

If you are interested in trying the dev features (use hostname for ip) please use the dev builds.

In a nutshell, IP Security will allow you to specify a full IP or IP range that a specified user can log in from. If they log in from another IP, their account will be kicked from the server, and can be banned until you have time to investigate the issue, if you so choose.

IP Security will also de-op all players when they log out, if they have op. You can mark a player as an op in the config, and when they log in under the right IP, they will be given op back, which makes sure that cheaters will have no chance to exploit and use op.


#If a player is not listed here, they will be able to log in with no check at all.
  #Restrict access for the user "Test" to ip
    #True if player should be opped once they are verified
    op: true
  #Disallow Notch from joining at all
    ip: None
    op: false
  #True if player should be banned if they fail IP authentication (or are not allowed
  ban-on-wrong-ip: true
  #Reason to kick a player if they fail IP authentication (or are not allowed)
  kick-reason: Nope.


/ips helpShow help page
/ips reloadReload the config.
/ips /ips add [user] [ip] [op(true/false)]Add a user to the config.
/ips remove [user]Remove a user from the config.

All commands require the permission ipsecurity.admin


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