To Do

Things I need to do for me to consider this a release and not a beta:
- This plugin needs to be tested for bugs. Use it at your own risk; I have already found and fixed one bug that's existed that completely breaks saving to files, and I'm not sure how I didn't see it before.

Things that I could do:
- A timer for auto-save could be added if the admin wants to save more frequently than every server reload/restart but less frequently than every ban or player database change. I don't see very much usefulness in this, however.
- Permissions support is easy to do, hopefully. This plugin will NEVER require permissions. It is going to be totally optional. Update: Since this plugin is switching over to a different developer, I can no longer 100% guarantee this.
- Ban reasons could be implemented, but since Mojang keeps changing things, it might not happen. For example, in Bukkit 1.7.9 with no plugins, users banned by IP address only see a Java exception when they try to connect regardless of what the ban reason is.


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