Have you ever had players asking for certain URLs such as TeamSpeak, Discord, the Website, or other? Now you just say './info'!


Commands & Permissions:

/info - No Permission Node - Opens GUI!

/info reload - infoplugin.reload  - reloads the configuration file.

A picture of the GUI:


That is the GUI then Here is if you hover over it!



You can change what it says in the Configuration File, this is just an Example of some of the possibilities, They're endless!


Here is a Sample Config and the Layout!

url1: '&4&lts.example.com'
url2: '&4&lwww.example.com'
name1: '&c&nTeamSpeak'
name2: '&c&nWebsite'
guiname: '&nTeamSpeak and Website!'

 If you like the plugin, please Tell me! If you'd like the source code, it is $1 USD. Remember, I started this when I was learning to code Bukkit, So the Code may be messy, but it still leads to something great! If you agree this is something great, just leave a like or follow! Plugin Suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Server's Using Plugin:




If you'd like your Server to be on this list, just leave a comment below saying the Name and IP!


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