/ipavDisplays all iPAV commands
/ipav view [logins/deniedLogins/avSpy] [on/off]Lets you change what you see when a user connects to the server. The [on/off] part is optional.
/ipav viewerListGives you a list of who has their different seeing options from the 'view' command turned on.
/ipav onlineLists online players by their connection addresses
/ipav colorsDisplays the different colors used for IPs and explains what they mean
/ipav playerDisplays the player checking commands.
/ipav player check [player]Lists the IPs that someone has connected to the server with before.
/ipav player uuids [player]Lists the UUIDs that have used a specific username before.
/ipav player alias [player]Lists all of the players connected to the specified player's IPs. Multiple players on this list represent that those players are connected to more than one of the specified player's IPs.
/alias [player]Same as above.
/ipav player list [page]Gives a list of all players logged in iPAV. The results come from the loggedPlayers.yml file, which (unedited) means the players are in chronological order of who was logged first. That also means you will be able to see who the newest players are by looking at the end of the list.
/ipav player search [searchText] [page]Searches through the list of logged players in the loggedPlayers.yml file and shows you all player names that contain the searchText.
/ipav ipDisplays the address checking commands.
/ipav ip check [ipAddress]Lists the different players that have connected to the specified IP address. It will also record when someone uses different uppercase and lowercase variations of their name. Partial IPs are allowed (but be careful if you have a large playerbase).
/ipav uuidsDisplays the UUID checking commands.
/ipav uuids check [uuid/onlinePlayerName]Lists the different player names that have been used by a specific UUID.
/ipav unlink [player] [ipAddress]Removes the connection between a player and IP. The player name is case-sensitive and will not function completely if spelled wrong.
/ipav setJoinMessage<</color>>Shows more information about setting the player join message
/ipav setQuitMessage<</color>>Shows more information about setting the player quit message
/ipav setKickMessage<</color>>Shows more information about setting the player kick message
/ipav versionCheckManually checks to see if there's an update to iPAV on Bukkit
/ipav perms [page]Shows the separate permissions used by the plugin
/ipav reloadReloads the plugin config file
/joindate [player]Check to see when a player first joined the server according to their player ".dat" file. Sometimes gives inaccurate dates (can't be fixed, Bukkit problem). Sometimes can't retrieve OfflinePlayer ".dat" file (can't be fixed, Bukkit problem).