Few things are worse than falling in lava when mining. This plugin allows players to get their inventories back after dying. Don't want players to get abuse this? Use death cause permissions to configure when players can recover their inventories. Trusted ops (invrecover.recover.others permission) can recover other players' inventories on request.


  • Auto recovery upon respawn
  • Broadcasts recoveries
  • Death causes
  • Experience
  • Permissions, config


/invrecover [player/reload]

  • aliases: /ir, /recover


invrecover.*Gives all InvRecover permissions. default: op
invrecover.recover.selfAllows to recover own inventory
invrecover.recover.othersAllows to recover other players' inventories
invrecover.recover.autoAllows auto-recovery on respawn if set in config.yml. default: true
invrecover.quiet.selfDoesn't broadcast when player recovers own inventory
invrecover.quiet.othersDoesn't broadcast when player recovers other players' inventory
invrecover.reloadAllows use of /invrecover reload
invrecover.cause.*Gives all invrecover.cause permissions. Note: these permissions are ignored if use-death-causes is false

All permissions


  • auto-recovery <sub>(default: false)</sub> - automatically recovers players' inventories when they respawn
  • broadcast-item-recovery <sub>(true)</sub> - broadcast inventory recoveries
  • drop-on-death <sub>(true)</sub> - if false, disables dropping items on death. These items are not removed when inventory is restored. Note: drops will not be removed if inventory was not saved due to death causes
  • one-recovery <sub>(true)</sub> - if false, it will allow players to recover their inventory multiple times per death. Warning: This can be used to duplicate items
  • save-if-empty <sub>(false)</sub> - if false, it prevents inventory from being saved if it's empty, this way the previous inventory is still recoverable.
  • use-death-causes <sub>(false)</sub> - Uses invrecover.cause.* permissions to decide whether to save items or not when a player dies.
  • Custom messages


Drag InvRecover.jar into /plugins directory and reload the server. Configure if necessary.


Reloading your server (/reload) will delete all saved (and unclaimed) inventories. To prevent this use /<command> reload if applicable


  • Multi-world support
  • Save unclaimed inventories to file
  • Economy support
  • Delete original items after inventory was recovered


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