Make zones and block specified players or groups All who want to go into a zone but are not allowed will be teleported back or killed.


Zones are defined with WorldEdit, so you have to install it before you can use this plugin. If you want group support you have to install Vault!


/iw info shows all zones you are currently in

/iw create [message if you arenĀ“t allowed to go into the zone] creates a new zone and selects it for editing

/iw delete deletes the edited zone

/iw select <id> select the zone with <id>. All command will now use this zone

/iw + <players/groups> Blocks all players and groups from entering the edited zone. To block e.g. group 'Admin' and player 'Notch' use: /iw + Notch g:Admin

/iw - <players/groups> Unblocks all players/groups from the edited zone

/iw kill <true/false> set whether a player will be killed or not if he walks into the edited zone


  • InvisibleWalls.create Allows you to create a new zone
  • InvisibleWalls.delete Allows you to delete a zone
  • Allows you to see information about the zone you are currently in
  • InvisibleWalls.add Allows you to block players/groups from zones
  • InvisibleWalls.rem Allows you to unblock players/groups from zones
  • InvisibleWalls.kill: Allows you to change a normal zone to a killzone and back


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