This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


InvisibilityViewer allows players to see invisible (potion) entities.

Latest version: 0.4.0


  • Allows players to see entities affected by invisibility potion.
  • Allows players to toggle being able to see invisible entities.
  • Allows players to see invisible entities based on proximity.



  • Add the ProtocolLib plugin to your server.
  • Add the InvisibilityViewer.jar to your server.
  • Add the IV permission nodes to your player groups.
  • Enjoy


  • /iv toggle [player/other] - Toggle viewing of invisible player or other (non player entities).
  • /iv reload - Reload the plugin.


  • invisibilityviewer.distanceView.player: See nearby invisible players. (no toggle necessary)
  • invisibilityviewer.distanceView.other: See nearby invisible non-players. (no toggle necessary)
  • invisibilityviewer.canView.player: See invisible players. (when toggled on)
  • invisibilityviewer.canView.other: See other invisible entities. (when toggled on)
  • invisibilityviewer.commands.toggle.player: Toggle seeing invisible players.
  • invisibilityviewer.commands.toggle.other: Toggle seeing invisible others.
  • invisibilityviewer.commands.reload: Reload the plugin
    Note: canView (when toggled on) overrides distanceView


  • checkNewVersionOnStartup: Notify console of new versions upon startup.
  • toggledByDefault:
    • player: Able to see invisible players by default. (needs canView.player permission)
    • other: Able to see invisible non-player entities by default. (needs canView.other permission)
  • colouredConsoleMessages: Show coloured console messages.
  • distance:
    • enabled: Enable/disable distance tracking. (needs viewDistance.* permission)
    • radius: Can see entities within x blocks.
    • frequency: How often in seconds to check distances.
  • debugMessages: Sends extra messages to console on what the plugin's doing. gets really spammy.
  • debugNoIntercept: Disable switching hide packets with view packets.

To do

  • Add saving of player toggle settings.

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