Now you can avoid players from having lag on huge servers where everyone is in a crowd, or even make it so that in a crowded space you can move freely without having another player in your face!


Right clicking with a torch, or doing the commands specified below, you can toggle showing other players on the server.

==== Install Instructions ====

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Make sure the server is stopped
  3. Put the plugin in the plugins folder
  4. Start the server
  5. Stop it again after it starts
  6. Open up the config file located in /plugins/InvisibilityTorch
  7. Modify the file to your liking
  8. Save, and restart the server!
  9. Enjoy my plugin.

==== Requirements ====

This plugin doesn't need anything

==== Permissions ====

invisibilitytorch.use - Allow people to hide/show other players (given by default)

==== Commands ====

/invisibilitytorch - Show plugin info /vanishall - Toggle the torch! /hideall - Alias of /vanishall /vp - Alias of /vanishall

==== Upcoming Features ====

  • Ability for some players to show up for players with the torch on.


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