Redefining Player Inventories


  • Create a true RPG feeling by remodeling the inventory system through various settings!
  • Full control over item pickups, item sorting and item creation!
  • Disable/Lock unwanted inventory slots!
  • Picked up items are getting forwarded to the next allowed slot!
  • Assign items to a slot and blacklist or whitelist them, controlling and restricting its possible contents!
  • Define slots as item-bins, deleting all items put in!
  • Define slots as slot-switchers, switching the items of two different slots when clicked on! (useful for one-click weapon switching)
  • Moving items from/into locked/not allowed slots is not possible!
  • Dropping items from disabled slots is not possible!
  • Custom /get command which behaves similar to the default /give, now skipping un-allowed slots!
  • Custom messages, informing your players when a slot is not allowed for that item or if an item cannot be picked up!
  • Fully configurable though detailed and easy-to-use configuration files, disable and enable the features you need!

How it works

Let's assume you want some realism on your Minecraft server, annoyed by players carrying around an inventory full of heavy loot, often multiple times their own weight. You want a change. This change is being brought here!

For instance, you could restrict your players inventories to only carry one sword at a time. It can be done through the included configuration file, in which you can define the behavior of each of the 36 different inventory slots. For each individual inventory slot, you can add items to a list. These items can now either be blacklisted (i.e. every other item than those in the list goes into the slot), or whitelisted (i.e. only the items listed fit into the slot).

Your players inventory is still a bit too big? You can even block a slot from any kind of usage, allowing NO items to be moved into that slot at all! Whether a slot is locked or the item trying to be placed into it is not allowed - Restricted items wont make their way into unwanted areas, no matter what.


Config File with explanations: config.yml

Understanding the Slot Grid

The config file is very straight forward. First you are able to change some general settings, but for the most part just leave them on default. Underneath you find 36 different blocks of arguments, starting with "0" up to "35", while each number indicates the slot it is referring to in the inventory system.


Filling the Lists

Depending on what you want to achieve, you can either make the itemlist a blacklist or a whitelist. You need one row for each item you want to allow/forbid. Always use the default formatting: ID:MetaData

Most items don't have additional information, making their metadata value a zero. Some items, like log or dye, have multiple sub-types, defining color and/or type. In that case, you need to specify your needs by submitting the metadata value. Swords and pickaxes for instance have a constantly changing durability. If you just add 272.0 (stone sword) to your whitelist, only a fully repaired stone sword is included. If you want to include all possible sub types and durabilities, use the wildcard *. You do that by placing a * after the dot (example: 272.*).

If you don't know the exact Item ID, you can use the link below or use the command /ivitem while holding the item in your hand. You are going to get a suitable value ready to place inside the config, including durability!

You can get the item ID's (for blocks and items) here: Item ID list

Remember, if you want to have a fully working whitelist, also add air to the slot (0.*).


Help, my config doesn't work

The config will not work and the plugin will eventually break if you delete parts of it, or if you use whitespaces instead of tabs while editing! Please only modify true/false values. You can also add and delete values inside the "items:" lists.

The plugin works, you just have to get the setup right. Updating to a newer version may break your config file as well, some things might have changed. To make sure you can update safely, go to the files section on this page and click on the newest version. Any changes made to the config are listed there, just manually check for differences and correct them. If your config seems to be broken, reinstall the plugin and add your old values to the freshly generated configuration file.

You can also try to use the YAML Phraser, to check for formatting errors inside the config.yml.

Commands and permissions


Reloads the plugin


Prints ID.DURABILITY of the item currently hold in hand into the chat, suitable formatting the config file.

/get <item | item:data> [amount | player] [player]

This may seem a bit confusing, but it is actually way more handy than the default /give command, which, for instance, always asks to enter a player name, even if you are the one receiving the item..

The first argument <item | item:data> stands for the item you want to have. It can either be an ID, or an ID with Metadata attached to it, separated through a colon.

/get 17 => gives 1x log to yourself
/get log => gives 1x log to yourself
/get 17:3 => gives 1x jungle log to yourself

The second argument can now either be the amount of items you want to have/give, or the name of the player you want to give something to. If you only enter a username, the amount will be one.

/get 17 30 => gives 30x log to yourself
/get log 30 => gives 30x log to yourself
/get 17:3 30 => gives 30x jungle log to yourself
/get 17 badeye => gives 1x log to a player (here: badeye)
/get log badeye => gives 1x log to a player (here: badeye)
/get 17:3 badeye => gives 1x jungle log to a player (here: badeye)

The third argument is only relevant when the second argument hasn't already used the username parameter but the item amount instead.

/get 17 30 badeye => gives 30x log to a player (here: badeye)
/get log 30 badeye => gives 30x log to a player (here: badeye)
/get 17:3 30 badeye => gives 30x jungle log to a player (here: badeye)


  • Shift clicking an item is 'ghosting' it to its original destination for a brief moment. This is not a big deal, it just doesn't look as fancy as it could look. It is caused by the bukkit API and cannot be fixed on my end.
  • /get doesnt check for creative mode
  • Equiping armor through shift clicking doesn't work yet

Upcoming Features

  • Carry weight for specific items => slowness
  • Crafting slot management
  • In-game inventory restriction editing through a custom gui -> config wont be needed anymore for the slot configuration
  • MultiWorld support

What I am currently up to...


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