Change Log

Change Log:

v1.2 - 2/18/2011
+Initial Release to

v1.3 - 2/21/2011
+[Fixed] doublechest detection
+[Added] /srtc alias for /sortchest

v1.4 - 2/24/2011
+Works on CraftBukkit 435+

v1.5 - 2/25/2011
+Complete rewrite of the InventorySort to allow for easier expandability.
+[Fixed] Permissions 2.1 errors
+Works on CraftBukkit 449+
+[Added] /sort stack command to toggle stacking

v1.6 - 3/17/2011
+Now works with GM and Permissions 2.1
+[Added] Configurable
+[Added] Wand sorting of chests
+[Added] Configurable stacking of tools and armor
+[Replaced] Bubble Sort with Quick Sort
+Works with CraftBukkit 542+
+Remembers what each players stacking option is between any session, restart or not

v1.6.1 - 3/17/2011
+Changed iSort.basic.chest to iSort.basic.chest.command for better permissions

v1.6.2 - 3/20/2011
+Now works also with Permissions 2.5.4

v1.7 - 4/3/2011
+Works with updated API changes that were made in 602
+Built for Craftbukkit RB 617 and above
+[Removed] "This is not a chest" message from wand sorting
+Fixed where if no permissions were detected it'd disable but would go on and keep setting up the plugin which would error

v1.7.1 - 4/4/2011
+Tested all 3 permission systems and they work on my end on Windows
+Made for CB 617+ don't post errors with any server below this.

v1.8 - 4/5/2011
+[Added] Support for internal permissions if no Permissions plugin is found
+[Fixed] The DefaultStack true wasn't working(always setting a person to false even if true)

v1.8.1 - 4/7/2011
+[Fixed] /sort (dynamic help) not getting the internal permissions update applied to it's hasPermission function
+[Update] The dynamic help has been updated to look better and tells user if they can use the wand

v1.9 - 4/12/2011
+[Fixed] NPE due to AIR being null now
+Updated for CB RB 670

v1.9.1 - 5/12/2011
+[Fixed] Now looking at sapling data value
+Tested on CB766 with GM

v1.9.2 - 6/3/2011
+[Fixed] Not stacking Maps
+Tested on CB818 with GM

v2.0 - 8/15/2011
+[Added] SuperPerm support
+[Removed] Op only because SuperPerm is a better solution

v2.0.1 - 8/27/2011 +[Updated] My name in all of the files. +[Changed] The permissions in the plugin.yml file now default to Op not false. v2.0.1 - 8/27/2011 +[Fixed] NPE when user reloaded the plugin and hashmap of player's stack option's needed to be set again. +Was able to get rid of the SortPlayerListener because stack option doesn't rely on player join anymore. v2.1 - 10/13/2011 Added all of the new items for 1.8. Fixed ticket 3's error


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