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InventorySort - Sorts, Stacks, and toggle-able stacking, optional armor and tool stacking. But wait there's a wand for sorting chests. If you want an even better sorting system I'd suggest the client side mod Inventory Tweaks. InventorySort allows you to sort all or part of your inventory ordered on the block/item TypeId number. You can also sort chests in the same manner with the command or a wand. Version: 2.1.1 Download: Inventory Sort v2.1.1
Supports As of 2.0 Bukkit's SuperPerms(nodes here)
Before & After Screen Shots
  • /sort all - Sorts all of the slots in your inventory(slots 0-35)
  • /sort top - Sorts the "Backpack" slots of your inventory(slots 9-35)
  • /sort 4 35 - Sorts slots 4-35
  • /sort 35 10 - Sorts slots 10-35
  • /sortchest - Sorts all of the slots in a chest or doublechest (alias: /srtc) The wand is be used to sort chests!
  • /sort stack - Toggles whether sorting stack's first (default off) will remember between sessions as long as the server hasn't been restarted.
  • /sort reload - Reloads the config, useful if you just installed it and want to change the config without restarting the server.
New in v1.6 - v1.8:
  • Quick Sort algorithm that first sorts by TypeID, then Damage value(for wool, dye, slabs, logs), and lastly by stack size(So smaller stacks are at the end and easy to find)
  • A wand for sorting chests. Default is a Stick(280), but I personally like it to be Bone(352).
  • Configurable stacking of Tools and Armor(This


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