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Save that Inventory!

Have you ever needed to save your inventory to make sure it was safe? Or get back those items you just lost? Well now you can with Inventory Helper! With the two simple commands and permissions it is easy to configure and help save those players lost items everwhere!

We only have 2 commands!

  • /isave - For players to save their inventories to the config.
  • /iload - For players to load their already saved inventories.

And only use two simple permissions!

  • inventoryhelper.isave - This allows the use of /isave.
  • inventoryhelper.iload - This allows the use of /iload.

Config Setup:

  • After generating the config file by first running the server you now can configure where to place the players inventories. Just change the stuff after the colon to the name of the folder you want the inventories to be saved to(default is just: inventories), otherwise you will have to regenerate the config.


  1. Download the jar file from this page
  2. Place the jar into your plugins folder of your server
  3. Run server to generate the first config file used for saving inventory
  4. Configure the config.yml to your liking

If using a permissions plugin don't for get to add the plugin permissions or if just using OP's then OP's already get these instantly

Credit to:

  • xH3LLRAIZ3Rx - for plugin idea request
  • Jensui - for the plugin logo
  • cockatoo2 - for making this plugin
  • timtower - for lots of coding help


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