Interactables is a fully featured API that sets a framework for turning any (anything you interact with that is) object in Minecraft into a command and/or message sending Interactable!

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API Features

- Register your plugin (implementing InteractablesPlugin) with Interactables:
   - Auto Data File generation (includes save system)
   - Built-in Interactable register and look up system.

- Register commands with interactables (with CommandLabel instance):
   - Make commands available through /interactable command
   - Shows commands in Interactables help page
   - Prevent confusion with the use of one base command.
   - System to prevent duplicate command registrations.

- Built in Interactable framework through the Interactable interface.

API Usage:

1. Register your main class implementing InteractablesPlugin with Interactables. Interactables instance can be retrieved through Bukkit ServicesManager. Register plugin with registerPlugin(InteractablesPlugin plugin).
This will create a new data file for your plugin in Interactables' data folder.

2. Create a CommandLabel instance for each of your plugin's commands. (Ex. /interactable addportalcommand) Register these through CommandHandler with interactables.getCommandHandler().registerCommand(CommandLabel command)
This will make your command available through the /interactable command as well as the Interactables help page.

3. Create a new class extending Interactable to start creating your own Interactable type.

4. The rest is up to you!

If you have any questions, post them in the comments. If there is anything crucial missing from the usage instructions, let me know! I will add it!

Plugins using Interactables:


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