Instant Decay

Instant Decay

This plugin makes leaves decay instantly when destroying logs from trees.

It uses the code which Minecraft itself uses to detect leaves and logs.

It also triggers and obeys the LeavesDecayEvent so other plugins can prevent these leaves from decaying if they need to (for whatever reason).


  • Uses Minecraft decay logic
  • Drops are exacly the same as normal decay
  • It will not affect leaves placed by players
  • 10% chance for each leaf to make a break particle+sound effect
  • Plays nice with other plugins by sending leaf decay events
  • Uses only Bukkit API so it will not break with future updates !


  • /instantdecay disable - disables the plugin's events and remains disabled after "reload"
  • /instantdecay enable - re-enables the plugin
    Commands have permission "instantdecay.admin" and is defaulted to OP.

Demonstration video

Installing and using

  • Download jar file and place it in your "plugins" folder.
  • Run/restart the server and that's it !

Source code

As always, in the jar file.


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