MinigamesLib v1.6.0


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    Sep 14, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3


  • ~ 40-50 Commits since the last release on 28th August. This fixes pretty much everything and adds pretty much everything people have been asking me.

Most important fixes/addings:

  • Adds spectator gui to teleport to players
  • Allows changing leave command
  • Will now allow boundaries for non regeneration arenas
  • Adds option to remove y move lock for spectators
  • Spectators look ghosty now
  • Will now allow changing scoreboard title
  • Should now reset tnt blocks too
  • Will now reset double plants, grown trees and reset chests that have been set
  • You can now change the menu title of the classes gui
  • Adds ability to remove command disabling while in arena
  • Add option whether to buy kits forever or each time
  • Fix multiple messages spam when setting a class
  • Adds PowerupUtil (and powerups for a few minigames)
  • Fixes small bug with skeletons
  • Fixes small bug in map rotation
  • Allow multispawn for jumpnrun type arenas
  • Adds option whether to skip lobby countdown in arcade or not
  • Arcade will now stop the correct arena when forcing next minigame
  • Adds Achievements.yml (not used yet)
  • Most of messages support multiline now (split the lines with a semicolon)
  • Arcade sign should update now at stop
  • Disallow fly at start of a game
  • Disallow crossing borders in vehicles
  • Better help handling
  • Will now remove fire and potion effects when players leave
  • Huge Arcade Fix
  • Adds party (/party), see more info at main page
  • Allows vips to join full arenas (results in kicking some non-vip); Perm node: arenas.*
  • Will now set ArenaState to join after reset done and not short before
  • Will now optionally spawn a firework for the winners
  • SmartReset now supports enchanted items, Enchanted Books, Potions
  • Adds XP countdown
  • Disallows pvp in the lobby now