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    Aug 28, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3


  • ~ 30-40 Commits since the last release on 19th August. This fixes pretty much everything and adds pretty much everything people have been asking me.

Most important fixes/addings:

  • Fixed chests in new reset mechanism
  • Kits load in config order
  • will now clear all dropped entities in 50 blocks radius of each player at the end
  • fix water/lava/fire not getting reset in new reset mechanism
  • spectator mode now optional (can be disabled)
  • will now disable entity damage (pvp) for spectators
  • Fix inventory loss at server reload/stop or when players leave the game and rejoin after the arena stopped
  • Adds ability to disable kits (add enabled: false to old kits if you want to disable them)
  • now allows color codes for kit names in the classes gui
  • replace arena_action at important places so that you guys can translate that too
  • Adds join broadcast
  • Now allows multiple lore lines
  • Fix no permission spam at classes gui and add kit message
  • Adds optional whitelist while game running to bungee options
  • Adds kill rewards
  • Adds leaderboards
  • Huge Arcade update:
    • Adds ability to enable/disable minigames
    • Adds ability to specify special arenas to use in arcade
    • Fixes Arcade when there are minigames with zero arenas
    • a few other important bugfixes
  • Fix players being stuck in lobby if they join after ingame countdown started
  • Adds option to change how many rows the classes gui should have
  • Fixes Scoreboard
  • Adds map rotation
  • People won't get rewards anymore if they leave the game through command
  • Adds arena borders (players can't move out of the arena) for regeneration arenas
  • will now remove hostile mobs at the end
  • Adds optional win broadcast (whole server)
  • now allows to always join as spectator (and play the next rounds) in arcade
  • Adds save and setvip alternatives to their respective commands
  • Adds /l alias to /leave
  • will now not allow dropping classes selection tool
  • Will now show help/suggestions at wrong cmd actions
  • Fix furnaces in reset method
  • Adds exit item in lobby (besides the classes selection tool)
  • now disallows breaking/placing blocks in lobby (you don't need worldguard here anymore)
  • will now remove fire and potion effects when leaving arena