This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Currently there are 16 released and three unreleased minigames and more are planned to be added soon.

That's the API I'm using in all of my newer minigames. Of course you are free to use it too, be sure to drop me a message and I'll list your project here too. There's Arcade functionality already included which enables you to be able to play all minigames in one run, you just need to install MGArcade.

Important links:

Development Files (towards MinigamesLib 1.13)

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Link: (use the file in the mid)

I usually upload a new release on bukkitdev every 20-30 commits and sometimes they contain ciritical bugfixes. Here you can download these pre-releases while they're not on bukkitdev yet. You might want to turn off autoupdating in the MinigamesLib config if you use these builds.

Tutorials and Trivia (hidden features)


Links are pointing to the github repos where the projects aren't up on bukkitdev yet.

ProjectDoneReleasedMGLib Compatibility
Trapdoor Spleef1.7-1.13.x
Splegg & Spleef1.7-1.13.x
MinigamesLib-Bungee (Download is on the full package link on the spigot page)1.9-1.13.x

! means work in progress, x means not started/released yet.

What does the MGLib Compatibility column mean? This means that the latest file is only compatible with the given version.

All minigames built with this API will be automatically available in Arcade, which means you can play all of them in one run.


  • Arenasystem
  • Customizable messages
  • Different minigame types
  • VIP Arenas
  • Economy, command and item rewards
  • Overall Customization/Attributes like player counts, countdowns, spawns, boundaries etc.
  • Signs and corresponding Arena states
  • Fast map regeneration mechanism
  • Kits/Classes and Classesmenu
  • Arcade (play all games in one run)
  • MySQL/SQLite support
  • Gun API
  • Bungee support
  • Party (/party)
  • Additional shops with Gui
  • Achievements
  • Included effects like blood or dead bodies lying around
  • Moar stuff

Arcade and MinigamesParty Info

I started redirecting people from MinigamesParty as I don't plan on doing big updates on MGParty anymore. It's an old idea/system I was using there, MinigamesLib is my new approach. So how does this new system work?

Pretty simple, it consists of a core, MinigamesLib, and a bunch of minigames you can download seperatly and install on the server. You can now setup arenas for each minigame and change pretty much everything else what the minigame offers for customization. If you now want to have something like MGParty, install MGArcade which will automatically recognize all installed minigames and use the respectively first arena available, and that's pretty much it. A bit more setup work, but more stable and more customization. Also the minigames aren't limited to 1 minute! If there's still big demand on big MGParty updates with new minigames, I'll of course think about it. :)

Enchantments, PotionEffects and Sounds


As of v1.4 MySQL Support is fully functional, each minigame creates its own table and will save stats like points, wins and loses into these. To use MySQL enable it in the config.yml of each minigame you want and create a database called "mcminigames". Reload the server, done.

Upcoming version: 1.12 (Uploaded 6th December)

  • Fix XP
  • Adds spectate command
  • Will now use 1.8 titles to display you_lost or you_won message
  • Adds option whether to use xp bar levels or not
  • /mapi info will now output all arenas with their players
  • Adds Holograms as damage indicators
  • Make TP Fix distance lower
  • Cleanup and some API work
  • More user input validation when parsing items

Party system (v1.6)

People can now invite players to their party and join arenas together with their friends, just like many huge networks have these now. To change messages of the party commands take a look at partymessages.yml in the MinigamesLib directory. The main command is /party and shows all available subcommands with small descriptions.

Additional Information and disclaimers

Contact me if you would like to help me out or join the MCMinigames Organisation on github.

This plugin has an autoupdater included which you can turn off in the MinigamesLib config (auto-updating: false). Also, it utilizes Hidendra's Metrics system which sends information to his metrics server like java version, server version, plugin version, player count, OS version/name, Metrics version, which I can later look at and be happy with. Can also be turned off in the Metrics config which can be found at /plugins/PluginMetrics/ (opt-out: true). This is the only plugin having Metrics/Updater, all the minigames from above do not have stuff like that included.

Having Problems?

Please use the Forum to report any bugs or suggestions.

Have fun. :)


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