A Bukkit plugin which allows conversion of whole worlds to resettable dungeon instances. Also provided is a party system and commands for instance management. Originally created for Features include the following.

  • Ability to convert a world into an instanced dungeon. (portal commands)
  • Multiple instances per template world concurrently.
  • Instances reset a configurable time after the party leaves. (Imodifyportal command)
  • A fully featured party system. (Party commands)
  • Economy support via Vault. (iConomy 4,5,6, BOSE 6,7, MultiCur, RealShop) (Supported economy plugins)
  • Instance aware /sethome command. (Sethome command)
  • Full support for modifying monster spawners via the /ispawner command. (Ispawner command)
  • PermissionsEx integration which allows world specific permissions to be automatically inherited by instances. (PermissionsEx Support)
  • Multiverse-Inventories integration to allow configurable inventory sharing per instances. (Multiverse-Inventories Support)
  • MultiInv integration to allow inventory configurable inventory sharing per instances.
  • Mutliverse-Core integration for instances, they will inherit their parent world's settings. (Multiverse-Core)
  • Ability to edit command blocks without OP and configurably without creative. (permissions)
  • Support for WorldEdit selection.
  • Support for WorldGuard.

If you do not wish to have commands which conflict with essentials, from 1.10 onwards edit the plugin.yml file in the jar to remove the commands which you do not want, before that download the -bare version.

For the more adventurous, development builds can be found here.


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