InstaEat - Let users eat instantly food to heal themself


InstaEat doesn't need to be updated with every release of Bukkit.
It still works 100%.


Ever wanted to bring back MC 1.7.3 eating style without hunger and instant hearts refill? Users now can instantly eat food to heal their life and you also can disable the food bar and cancel the AutoHeal.

  • Multi-World support with permissions


  • Permissions Plugin


  • Download the Plugin
  • Copy it to your /plugins/ directory
  • Start your Server and wait until the files are created
  • Edit the config file and use the command "/instaeat reload" to reload the config file.

How to use

  • Setup the permissions for the plugin.
  • Rightclick your mouse with any type of food in your hand to eat it instantly.
  • Now with Cake Support !
  • Also you can disable the hunger bar with the permission nodes.


  • /instaeat reload - Reloads the config file

Example/Default configuration

Apple_Heal: 4
Baked_Potatoe_Heal: 6
Bread_Heal: 5
Cake_Heal: 2
Carrot_Heal: 4
Cooked_Chicken_Heal: 6
Cooked_Fish_Heal: 20
Cooked_Beef_Heal: 4
Cookie_Heal: 2
Golden_Apple_Heal: 8
Golden_Carrot_Heal: 6
Grilled_Pork_Heal: 2
Melon_Heal: 8
Mushroom_Soup_Heal: 3
Potatoe_Heal: 2
Pumpkin_Pie_Heal: 8
Raw_Beef_Heal: 3
Raw_Chicken_Heal: 4
Raw_Fish_Heal: 2
Raw_Pork_Heal: 3
Rotten_Flesh_Heal: 4
SpiderEye_Heal: 1
Poisonous_Potatoe_Heal: 1
Confusing_Enabled: true
Poison_Enabled: true
Stack_Empty_Bowls: true
Eating_Cooldown: 3000
  • The value 1 would restore 0,5 Hearts ingame !
  • 0 = Disabling this item
  • 10 = 5 Hearts
  • 20 = 10 Hearts (all)
  • Eating_Cooldown: Cooldown between eating stuff (1000 = 1second)
  • Stack_Empty_Bowls: Default is true and equals Minecraft defaults (empty bowl stacking). Set to false, if you want the empty bowl to remain in the slot where your soup was (perfect for PvP)
  • Confusing_Enabled: Eating RawFish, RawChicken or RottenFlesh will confuse you (true/false)
  • Poison_Enabled: Eating RawFish, RawChicken or RottenFlesh will poison you (true/false)

Permission stuff

'instaeat.instaheal' = Allows to eat instantly to heal hearts (not hunger)
'instaeat.disablehunger' = Disables the foodbar/starvation
'instaeat.disableautoheal' = Disables the autoheal
'instaeat.reload' = Gives the permission to use "/instaeat reload"


Please open a ticket if you need help. Don't post your problems in the comments.


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