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This project requires SQLibrary 7.1+ plugin in order to function.


Some players don't like to sleep. Give 'em a reason to, with Insomnia. Players who stay up more than one night will get a message, and start suffering from confusion - they're underslept. Adds a touch of realism to your survival or hardcore server.

During the day the insomnia fades, but comes back at dusk. Each night the insomnia gets progressively worse - yikes!

Using Insomnia? Give those players sweet dreams ... or nightmares with Dream Messages!

Using Dream Messages, players can randomly receive a dream or nightmare that you make when they wake up. Use them to hint about RPG quests, or give them tips and tricks about your server. The choice is yours!


There are no commands for this plugin.


Players have by default. If you want to block it, use a negative node (ie for ops, etc).


There are seven settings in the configuration file.


Set this to true if you'd like to see more detailed output in the console or server log. By default this is turned off.


There are five languages that are localized for this plugin: English, Italian, French, German, and Spanish. Simply change the language code (en-us, fr, de, es-mx, and Pirate) and reload the server and you're good to go.


This setting is not functional yet.


Specify the days after which a player must sleep to skip feeling the effects of insomnia. Defaults to 1.


A list of worlds that Insomnia works in. Don't list non-normal worlds like The End or The Nether, since they don't permit sleeping anyway.


Defaults to true. Turn this off, and players won't see "You awake feeling fully refreshed!" or "You are becoming increasingly underslept ..." messages for that extra dose of realism.


Don't mess with this one, k? It's so players with older versions of Insomnia have their config file get upgraded without having to mess about with making a new one.

Source Code

Source is available upon request.


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