Insanity Run

Insanity Run is Temple Run for Minecraft


Do you like playing Temple Run on your iPhone or Android phone?

Well, here comes a plugin which does just that kinda thing! :)

It has many block types with different player effects and sound effects!


Now with a Scoreboard!!

Note: Time is in seconds as there's no way to do Strings for MM:SS

Note: If you wish to use this on Bukkit < 1.7.5 please use v2.8

Links to main pages

Game Signs   Block Effects   Commands and Permissions   Config Options

YouTube demo

YouTube video showing how to set up and play Insanity Run:


Video from VariationVault

Video from LtJim007

A run-through of a couple of runs


No pasting console errors to comments!!! Create a pastie or pastebin and link me! :)

Note that the config.yml file has the ability for you to add language translations. Currently supported: English. If you wish to translate as a favour, please get your updated config file to me! Leave the English in and just add your own fields. Pretty self explanatory if you look at the file.

Recent Changelog

All changelog details


  • Updated to Spigot 1.10.2


  • Tested with Vault and Essentials Economy successfully!


  • adj/adl commands fixed!


  • Changed to higher priority thread
  • Changed sign yellow text to purple to make it easier to read
  • Fixed mistaken sound effect

Filename is InsanityRun_3_6.jar so remember to delete the old version first!


InsanityRun is now Open Source GPL!


Please credit me as the original creator in your version.


I'm eager to see what new things you can create using my game! :)

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If you like this plugin, please consider a Donation! :)

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This plugin is feature complete!

I won't be doing any more updates unless it's to fix a major bug.

Thanks for all the support! :)



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