Infractions v0.5.0


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    May 7, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.4


  • Completely revamped plugin.
    • Using Mojang's UUID instead of player name.
    • Utilizing new API devised for version 1.0.0 (to make it easier to update from now on).
    • Tab complete for commands, such as reasons, player names, infractions ids.
    • Better /history interface.
  • /infractions types switched to /reasons.
  • New IP address log.
    • Viewable from /history, shows players who share IP addresses.
      • All intensive data processing is done outside of the main server thread to prevent lag.
  • Removed virtues.
    • All infractions with a score less than 0 will be removed during conversion.
    • Virtues caused too many problems and much confusion with our own staff. It is my opinion that a policing plugin shouldn't be handing out rewards.
  • Conversion process can take a long time.
    • Do not shut off the server during the process.
      • It may at first appear unresponsive, but this was done on purpose to prevent players from joining during conversion.