InfoManagerVBETA2.0 for Minecraft 1.5+

Important News

This page is still under cunstruction- I am aware that my picture links are broken, I will be fixing them ASAP I have decided to drop the votelink command for this update, I'll try to figure it out for a future one. I've decided to make it all one modular system, so the signs are being put into their own plugin that will work with this one. The same goes for the announcer I have planned for it (which will integrate nicely with this plugin, I hope), and whatever this book idea I wrote into the config is... Testing BETA2.0 on my Spigot 1.7.4 server right now, seeing how it goes. The plugin is also compatable with all 1.7 MC builds at the moment, no need to worry Signs are ALMOST done, I've finally figured out most of them!!!! Be ready for 2.0 soon! Also notice the new NavBar and Logo, both designed by the artist, QuantumReZz! As before, here's a list of the planned additions/changes to the 2.0 update that I will have working before release:
  • New Config.yml organization DONE
  • Ability to set values from in-game commands SEMI-DONE- nonexistant value catcher not working
  • Ability to reload configs and the plugin as a whole DONE
  • A few more infomational commands like /ip and the long-forgotten /birthday DONE
  • Adding signs to the ways you can get server information UNDER WORK
  • Changing of the description page here from WikiCreole to SafeHTML to allow greater customization on my part DONE


InfoManager is your one-stop-plugin for all server information organization needs! It allows server owners to easily display information such as vote links, staff lists and how to get them, server IP's and so much more!
Features Include:
  • Display the link to a Vote Links webpage
  • Give out the link to the server's website!
  • Display the server IP
  • Display server ranks and how to get them/who currently has them
  • Get Social Media attention with social media site link displays
  • Show contact information for your server
  • Show voice server IP to help get users onto your TS/Mumble server!
  • Use IRC? Share the link with this plugin!
  • Responsive coder. Have an idea for the plugin? Send me a message!

Recent Changes

Nothing is currently on this list, I will update it again via the 2.0 update

Current Progress

Details on what I am currently working on for the plugin will be found both here and on the Trello Board



Donations help me keep my online crap going on, and show support for me and my work. It helps me cover some of the costs that I get for things like fixing my computer and/or upgrading components. It also gets you a chance to show off your kindness and server here, on this page. If you would like to donate, please, click the button in the upper-right of this page that says "Donate":

Issues/Bug Reports/Suggestions

If you have any issues with InfoManager, would like to report a bug, or have a suggestion on how I can make it a better plugin, feel free to comment on this plugin, send me a PM on BukkitDev, or shoot an email to me here.


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