A more classy way to hand out info to your players!

A way to hand out as many books as you like of useful information!


Most of the other plugins that i have seen which hand out books have a few fundamental problems,

1.They only hand out books on join,

2.They only hand out one book.

At the time of reading there might be. but when i created it as far as i could see there weren't many(if any at all.).

InfoBooks aims to be a useful plugin that allows admins a quick and easy way to hand out information with no hassle.

To hand out predefined "information books" on command,

It stores books as text files and creates book items with the text files content.

So you dont have to do it in-game any text editor should do!

Just simply put a pipe symbol(|) as a divider between pages and &n as a divider between lines and save it with the extension .mcbook.


/gb <bookname> Gives a defined book to a player requires permission

/mb <bookname> Creates an info book from a written book in the executors hand requires infobooks.create

/sb Lists all available books readable with /gb requires permission infobooks.seebooks


1.Add command to allow admins to give players books(hopefully for:v3).

2.Possibly add way to edit books ingame(note when you create books you can do it in game or in a text editor but currently no way to re-edit in game, hopefully for:v?).

3.Add functionality to allow books to be handed out on first join(hopefully for:v3).

Source code

Source code is available on github


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