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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1060


InfoApi v0.3.1

First Beta Release with every Command in Place - just like the initial Release.

General Commands

  • maxplayer
  • onlinemode
  • version
  • RAM
  • CPU

World Commands
This Command need an additional /worldname after the command

  • maxplayer
  • onlineplayer
  • temp
  • time

Every other Command will return "Not Configured" to state that it is available but not implemented yet.
The CPU Command is usable but will Return a Static Message - you can't query anything usefull because of JAVA Limitations.

The Plugin itselfs in the Scope of the Bukkit Server does next to Nothing but starts a Parallel Thread which runs the HTTP Socket Listener. Although the Thread should not be able to harm the Plugin nor the Server it runs there is still a small possibility that it will do anyway.
If the Server- oder Clientsocket refuses to Bind, Work or anything else and the Thread crashes or is otherwise terminated the Plugin should restart the Thread and print a Informative Message to the Server UI. But theres no guaranty that it will do it.
If you configure the Port of the Plugin to any Port that isn't available there is a small Chance that one of two things could happen:

  1. It goes Pirate on the Socket and kicks the other Listener off
  2. It goes Nuts and throws Exceptions in every Cardinal Direction

If one of this two not desired Features do pop up - please reconfigure the Plugin.
Using the Reload Command should work also - even if the Thread is running.