InfoApi is a Plugin for Bukkit Minecraft Server.

It let's you query generic Information from the Server itself through Standard HTTP Requests and so make it possible to Integrate this Stats to any other Webpage.

You will get a Standard HTTP Answer with the Queryresults or if there was an Error or nothing to return then you will get a HTTP Error Code (most likely a 500 Internal Server Error).

This Plugin needs a Counterpart on the Requesting Client (Script Server (like PHP or ASP) or Webbrowser) to do fancy Things with the Results because this Plugin is intended to modify the Results as less then possible.
Code to Manipulate and refactor the Results in various Scripting Languages will also be released as soon as they become important.

Examples of usable Commands:

  • version - returns current Server Version
  • mayplayer - returns current maximum Amount of allowed Player on Server
  • playerlist - returns list of Players currently playing on the Server

Initial Idea and Originally done by Seta ( now Janka flavored


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