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Can you add a way to remove the numbers on the side?


This is something thats done in Minecraft, how ever if you want to use the numbers to show some scores, you can do so this way:

  • Use <split> and use the value for the score(THIS ONLY WORKS WITH VARIABLES LABELED "I")
  • Example:
    Takes this: 'Online Players: <split> <onlineplayers>'
    and will change it into this
Online Players:1

Can you compatibility with a health bar/Colored Tag plugin?


Unfortunately Info Board can't support other scoreboard plugins(Colored Tags/HealthBar uses scoreboards) And in order for those plugins to work all users are on the same scoreboard(The main one(Defined by Bukkit)) and each has their value set to the text you see above their names. Now the way Info Board has to work, is every player is on a different scoreboard, this way everyone can see their own stats.

Can you move the scoreboard?


If Minecraft ever adds support for moving the scoreboards location, I promise i will. But until they do there is no way to relocate a sidebar scoreboard

Why doesn't scrolling work?


To prevent unneeded server lag, You must enable it in the config and then restart the server. But not only that, you also need to prefix the line with "<scroll>".

For example:

- "<scroll> &4Hi &6World"

Can you add support for <plugin>


Create a ticket and use the Enhancement Format, then fill in the information requested

Why does my config keep resetting?


That would be because you broke YAML syntax. Paste your code into here: http://yaml-online-parser.appspot.com

And then fix what ever pops up.