Future Changes (Listed by versions the changes are expected in)

These are listed in the order i would like them to be released in, but doesn't necessarily dictate what order they will be release in.



  • Updated to most recent Bukkit Version (1.6.4+)
  • Adding full compatibility for Dispensers, Droppers, and Furnaces (As Fuel)
  • Allowing the sign to be from being directly attached to being 2 blocks away.
  • Full ability to use meta data and item names.
  • New sign layout: First Line [ic], [infchest], or [infinitechest] Second Line (item id or name):(Meta Data) Third Line (Stack amount from 1-64)
  • Fully compatible with all vault permissions plugins

Other stuff done for this release:

  • Added Github (to allow for progress updates)
  • Added Tickets system (easier to report bugs)
  • Considered Beta Release


  • Added Line 4 Rule:
  • TO:time
  • TR:time
  • TO = Timed Open: The amount of time a player can open the chest again after taking an item out.
  • TR = Timed Refill: The amount of time before the chest will refill again.
  • time = Can be set in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks. (s, m, h, d, w)
  • Bug Fixes


  • Added custom chest setup/
  • You can put anything into the chest and put a sign with only the line 1 and line 4 rules, and it will make what you put in unlimited.
  • Bug Fixes

Other stuff done for this release:

  • If all goes well and it seems stable this will be the full release.


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