Have you ever wanted your containers to never run out of items? Well you are in luck this plugin does just that. It can make Dispensers shoot unlimited arrows or a chest give you unlimited diamond swords.


*Auto Refilling Containers:

  • Chests and Trapped Chests will refill to completely full with the specified amount in each stack upon each opening.
  • Dispensers and Droppers will refill empty slots upon opening and dispensing. (Most open them at least once to get the dispensing mechanism to work.)
  • Furnaces fuel will refill upon opening and smelting. (Available in PR4)
  • It uses a sign that is anywhere within 2 blocks of the container to tell it what to have in the container. (Upcoming)


Line 1: [ic] [infchest] or [infinitechest]

Line 2: (item id or name):(Meta Data)

Line 3: (Amount of items in each stack from 1-64)

*Dumpster Mode:

  • You can set the material/item as either: 0, air, dumpster, or bin.
  • Any items placed in will disappear upon next opening.

*Color Codes:

  • Use-Color-Codes: (Default False)
  • When set to true in the config, it will change the first line of the sign to Blue. (PR3)


infinitechests.placesign : Allows the creation of an infinite chests sign.

New Videos (Video Showcase):

Coming Soon

Original Videos:

Thanks to dub dub dubby wub (Low sound Quality)

Thanks to puffnuget and Hey0plugins

Extra Links:

Changelog: Link

Future Changelog (Future Plans): Link

Known Issues - Problems: Link

Tutorial: Link

Config: Link

All Videos: Link


For Latest Download:


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