Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is chance?
A: Chance is a 1 in the number you put, so if you make chance 5, its a 1 in 5 change.

Q: What are the <player> and <itemName> ect?
A: If you put these in the name or lore of an item they will be replaced by the player name or item name ect.

Q: How can I make drops more common/rare?
A: Add them multiple times so they will drop more.

Q: How can I stop loot farming/Infernal mobs from spawning at spawners?
A: Set enableFarmingDrops to false.

Q: I install plugin and it no work!
A: You have to make sure you have worlds/mobs enabled.

Q: How do I make an item a sub item like coloured wool?
A: Put the sub id under durability.

Q: How do I set a tools durability?
A: Use the durability tag.

Q: I'm getting an error that contains "UnsupportedClassVersionError".
A: Update your Java.

Q: I don't know all the enchantments.
A: Here is a list of them: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/infernal-mobs/pages/enchantments/

Q: I don't know all the potion effects.
A: Here is a list of them: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/infernal-mobs/pages/potion-effects/

Q: Tons of passive mobs are spawning in my hostile mob protected region!
A: Set mobFate: removal

Q: IM crashed/IM is making errors in the console!
A: Check if the error contains the word "bar", if so you need to ether disable boss bar in the config, or install the API. (See configuration)

Q: I am getting a error that is Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: me/confuser/barapi/BarAPI
A: Ether disable boss bar, or install a boss bar API plugin.

Q: My server crashes every time I try to spawn an infernal mob, or some other error!
A: Post a ticket.

Q: How do I make a mob spawner spawn only infernal mobs.
A: Do /im setInfernal <time> while looking at it.

Q: How do I make mobs health go up as you get further from spawn?
A: Enable healthByDistance.

Q: How do I set leather armour color?
A: Add a color: "red,blue,green" tag to the item. (for the colours min 0, max 255)

Q: Potions are pink and black cubes!
A: In 1.9 you can not longer use durability to set the potion type, you need to replace that with "potion: <potionEffect>".


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